Monday, September 19, 2016

The Kids of K-dar

As I was thinking about what I would write to you all, the thought came into my head that I have not told you about all the kiddos in the Primary here. Well, they are all unique and hilarious, so they deserve a weekly email all their own.

Dima- (6 yrs) Dima is a really smart boy. When he is good, he is very, very good. When he is bad, he is terrible. But, most of the time he's great. If you show him a picture of a story from either the Bible or the Book of Mormon, he will describe it to you in detail. But that's not all; he will also tell you what he learns from the story. Like I said, smart kid. His mom has been a member for a year now, and he's just a rock star. Although... last week, he hid my Darth Vader water bottle and I thought I'd lost it forever! But he confessed yesterday that he hid it from me and promptly returned it.

Mila- (7 yrs) Mila reminds me of myself. She is friends with all the boys her age, but they all know that she's the coolest. She knows the primary songs so well and she told us her secret to memorizing them. Never look at the book; you never memorize anything if you look at the book. Just listen. I get to start teaching her piano lessons every Sunday, which I'm pretty excited about. Her family is wonderful. Her mom served a mission in Armenia, and they are the cutest half-Russian half-Armenian family! So cute!

Vladik- (7 yrs) If you could drive a motorcycle when you were 7, Vladik would definitely own one. He's the cool kid on the block, and most of the time that means he incites the other kids to rebellion, but he actually has a heart of gold. Yesterday, he had a vanilla wafer, and the teacher told him that he had to put it away if he wasn't going to share with everyone. At first, Vladik was angry, but when the teacher told him that if he did share, he would be doing what Jesus did, Vladik promptly got up and shared his wafer with all the kids. It was adorable.

Ilia- (3 yrs) Vladik's little brother. He still has a difficult time talking, so no one really understands him (except Vladik who translates for him). But, he turns everything he can into a gun. We gave him a trumpet once so that he could pretend to be the angel Moroni on top of the temple, but it became a bazooka real quick.

Sasha- (7 yrs) Her family just moved here from Kazakhstan. She is a perfect little angel. I'm pretty sure she actually is a little fairy princess. She's adorable, and she has so much fun answering questions in Primary. Even if she doesn't really know the answer.

Varvara- (5 yrs) Sasha's little sister. Varvara is a day dreamer. She's willing to answer questions, but it takes 4 or 5 times of calling her name for her to be taken out of her dream world. It's pretty hilarious to watch. I often wonder what she's thinking about. She must have an amazing imagination.

Mark- (4 yrs?) Mark loves cars and airplanes and anything with a motor that moves. He said the prayer at the end of the lesson yesterday and asked if it would be okay if he prayed about his cars. I saw no problem with it. Most of the time he quietly sits and looks really confused while we sing or have a lesson, but yesterday, he surprised me by answering a question with the words of a song we're learning. 

Timur - (4 yrs) All Timur ever wants to do is go outside. He doesn't know how to whisper. He's probably the cutest child I've ever seen. And he's infamous for having spit in Sister Miner's face once. He's a little bit of a rebel, but he loves praying. He only prays in a whisper, though. That's actually the only time he whispers or talks softer than at a yell.

Sasha - (8 yrs) Sasha would be coming to Primary if she hadn't broken her back in May. She's doing physical therapy right now, and the doctors won't let her walk for more than 1 hour at a time. She's a smart girl, though; we visit her almost every week. We asked her how she could help her family once, and she said, "Sometimes my parents fight, so maybe when that happens I can just say "Hey, guys, let's all be friends!"" She's awesome.

I love these kids. I wish you could all meet them. Every Sunday is a new adventure. They have such good insights to questions and are all so smart. I just love being with them. How grateful I am for children. They are kind of crazy, but I love it. I always come out of Primary smiling.

Here's a picture of Sister Lindquist and I on a bus!

Have a wonderful week!


Sister Jarvis

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