Monday, September 5, 2016

Hawaiian Russian Summer Day

We had a Hawaiian Party in Russia last weekend to kick off the start of seminary and institute (gospel classes that are run twice a week here for kids ages 12-30). It was quite the party. Vitia, he returned from his mission about 6 months ago, wore the coolest shoes ever.

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Pretty cool, right? Vitia's even cooler.
We had 4 non-member girls come who just loved it! They wanted to know more, and they all said, "Wow! Mormons are just like normal people." Yes, friends, we all are normal people. It made me laugh, but unfortunately, a lot of people here do think a lot of weird things about Mormons. So, I'm glad we were able to change their stereotypes. It was a pretty cool moment.
Krasnodar is becoming more and more a part of my heart. I made a goal to love Krasnodar as much as I love Volgograd, and I think that I'm accomplishing my goal. This branch is so wonderful. There's a lot of work to do here and so many amazing people.
 I thought that there could be no possible way I could love this city and these people as much as I love Volgograd. Those people became my family, and it took a year for me to feel that. I thought I wouldn't have time here. I thought that it was something that I had only so much of, but I realized that that is not how it works. Your heart isn't some sort of elevator that you can only fit so many people in or it breaks. Instead, it's something that if you give of, you get more. God is love. If we try to find His love we'll recieve it. If we try to give it, we'll find that we have an unnummerable supply of it.
Well, I love you all. Life in Russia goes on. I realized that what we're now doing in Russia may be a little confusing, so if you have any questions about what we do exactly every week (because we do a lot; somehow we didn't even really have time to eat this week), please go ahead and ask me! I'll be happy to answer.

Sister Jarvis
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That's our district!

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