Monday, September 26, 2016

Making Friends with Goats

What a fantastic week.

It was definitely adventurous.

We had Zone conference:

We were in Gelendjik again to visit with Katya, the recent convert there. She's been reading the Book of Mormon and she's now in the middle of the Isaiah chapters (probably the most difficult chapters to understand in the Book of Mormon because they are excerpts from the biblical prophet Isaiah). It was so cool to see that as we talked to her about it, she understood it. She started making her own connections and applying it to her own life. Isaiah is amazing, and it's fun to watch someone else discover how needed his prophecies are in our lives today and how interesting what he says can be.

Then we had a picnic in the forest with the members.

We made friends with this goat. We also played guitar and sang hymns and just had a great time together. It really brought the branch together.

Yesterday, we volunteered at the society for the deaf to raise awareness during a street fair that they had. We also sang (with our hands) in their choir. It was a good time. Everyone thought we were deaf/were fluent in Russian Sign Language, neither of which were true, but it was fun and we made a lot of new friends.
The most exciting thing that happened, though, happened on Sunday. Our investigator came to church! Now, I know for many of you that may not sound like a big deal, but it is kind of a big deal when you can't call them to meet with them or call them to even invite them to church, so it was amazing that she came. Sister Kennard and I met her months ago during the last week we were allowed to street teach, so it was just a miracle that she even remembered who we are or what time our meetings are at. Sister Lindquist and I have been working really hard to find new investigators through members and through the activites that the branch puts on, and we haven't seen anything happen. Well, God answers prayers. He wants His work to go foward and He can do it all Himself, He just let's us dabble in it a little bit. How grateful I am that He does so. I've come to love more and know more than I ever have before in my life. Ira, our new investigator, is amazing, and I hope that we can help her come to Christ. She's had a hard life, and I know that the Atonement will bless her life more than she or I can imagine. 

The weeks seem to be getting faster, so it probably won't be long before you hear from me again! 

Love you all!

Сестра Джарвис

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