Monday, July 4, 2016

Forever Plaid

What a week!

We met with a lot of people, got to know a lot of cool people, and Stephin may just be getting baptized this week. I'd say it was a good start to a new month.

One of the cool people we were able to meet, we met last night. Her name is Natasha! We were street teaching late last night, and we started talking to this adorable woman in a cute plaid dress. Turns out, last year she was working on a trolleybus as a ticket collector (I'm not really sure what we call this job in English; in Russian, it's conductor) where she would watch these two boys in white shirts and ties get on the bus at the stop for our branch building and off the bus at the stop for their apartment almost everyday. They would always be reading this book called the Book of Mormon. She wanted to aske them what it was, but she never had the opportunity to and had to quit that job. So, when we asked if she had heard of the Book of Mormon, she was so excited to meet people who knew what it was! We explained it, gave her a copy, and will hopefully meet her tomorrow.

Miracles happen, my friends, miracles happen.

Stephin may be getting baptized this Sunday! We aren't sure yet, but he's so close! It's been so fun to teach him. I've never met anyone more kind and genuine in my life. He once asked us what this quote means (English is his 2nd language, so it's kind of difficult for him) "Some people you meet to be a blessing, others a lesson." He didn't understand why some people would be a lesson.  We asked him, "Have you ever met anyone you didn't really get along with?" He thought about it for a minute and then said, "No. Never." Now, Stephin can get pretty firey about his belief in Jesus Christ, so one would think that he, coming from a non-Christian country, would have met someone with whom he would have severely disagreed. But, no. Stephin is a wonderful example of forgiveness, kindness, and many other wonderful Christ-like attributes, so he's always looked at everyone around him as the children of God that they are. It made me think if I do the same.

So, pray that he'll be ready for his baptism on Sunday! It's been a rough road for him since English is his 2nd language and the Book of Mormon is not translated into his native language as of yet. He'll have a mountain of barricades to jump over as he makes this step, but I'm positive that he can do it with Jesus Christ. Stephin is just an awesome kid.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and take time to see other people as the wonderful children of God that they are, even if you disagree, even if they hurt you, because every person has the eternal potential to do good and become good. 


From Russia With Love,

Sister Jarvis

P.S. To celebrate the 4th of July, I translated the Star Spangled Banner into Russian today. I intend on memorizing it and singing it for the rest of my life. 

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