Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year! Already?


New Years is like Russia's Christmas. People put up Christmas trees and give presents. They have New Year's carols playing everywhere, and the closer it gets to New Years, the more places to buy presents appear. I can't believe that it's already so close to a new year! I hope the next year doesn't go by so quickly! I'm loving Russia too much!

It's a balmy 0 degrees celcius here in Volgograd. Surprisingly warm for this time of year, I hear. Apparently, there's supposed to be snow up to my neck already, but it appears to be a warm year (lucky me).

Our branch had a Christmas party last Saturday that the missionaries organized. Not to brag or anything, but EVERYONE LOVED IT! We just set up different little games to play in our Sacrament Hall (which doubles as a gym).  Sister Greenwood and I were in charge of this game where you put a cookie on your forehead and you have to eat it without using your hands. (I mastered it the second time I tried). The District President, President Golpakov, loved that game. He got everyone racing to see who could get the cookie in his/her mouth first. The Elders were in charge of making snowflakes, and a fun time was had by all! 

The cutest part of the whole party was the cute little Primary kids doing the nativity play. There's only one boy in the whole primary, and he's about 5, so we had a pretty short little Joseph. We also didn't have a baby Jesus, but last minute we wrapped up my scarf like a baby, so all was well. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Sister Greenwood and I had a fantastic week, as usual. She's really an amazing person, and I'm grateful everyday that I get to be her companion. I've never met someone so hard-working, so we get a lot done.

This week, I've been thinking a lot about the life of Christ. In particular, of course, His birth. I never realized something that I should have realized long ago. The star that shone in the east, pointing the wise men to where Christ lay, symbolizes, in our lives, Christ. We are the wise men, and He points our way to peace and joy.

Through this realization I've found a new love for two of the carols found both in the Russian and English versions of the hymn book.

"And to the earth, it gave great light, and so it continued both day and night. Noel. Noel. Born is the king of Israel."

"Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm all is bright... Sleep in heavenly peace. Sleep in Heavenly Peace."

I hope your New Year's is just peachy! :D


Sister Jarvis

Our Zone!

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