Monday, December 14, 2015

Adventure Is Out There

Well, this week was quite the... um...week.

Let's start off with the greatest example of my life-long struggle in remembering important things.

Sister Greenwood and I were coming back to Volgograd after picking her up in Rostov. We were supposed to be able to move into our new apartment that night, but the rent agreement hadn't been signed yet due to a typo in the original copy of the agreement. However, it was all going to be okay because we were going to stay in the other sister missionaries' apartment that night since they were still in Rostov due to a visa trip delay. 

I had gotten the key from the sisters in Rostov for their apartment, and everything was going to be okay. We got our taxi to take from the bus station, and we arrived at the apartment. We got to the front door, I reached into my purse to find the key, and I could not find the key anywhere. I dumped out my bag and ripped through all of my things and... nope nothing.

I had left the key in Rostov.

As my dad would have told me in that moment, "If your head wasn't attatched to your neck, you would forget it."

So, on Sister Greenwood's first night in Volgograd, we slept in the branch buiding on the floor of the nursery room. 

Luckily, we moved into our new apartment the next day, so we've had a place to sleep ever since. 

Next, the Russian Orthodox taxi driver who sang us The Beatles.

We had to go get my suitcases from the other sisters' apartment later since they were locked in an apartment we didn't have a key to, and we ordered a taxi to take us to our own apartment. Turns out the taxi driver spoke English. He was a very polite man, but he was very concerned about how we weren't married and having children yet. He told us that we needed to go home, so that we could get married and forget about this strange sect that we had joined and join the Russian Orthodox Church. Somehow or other this conversation led to him saying "Just let it be," and he seranaded us with the Beatle's famous song of the same name. Very loudly and with a whole lot of gusto.

Sister Greenwood and I tried our best to testify, and in the end, we just ended up singing along with him.

So far, we haven't had very much time in our area, and we don't have any investigators, but we are working on that.  Step by step we'll get there.

Sometimes, life can seem like this massive hill we have to climb. It's so tall that we feel like we'll never ever get to the top, but I know that Heavenly Father never gives us directions to do something without preparing a way for what He asks for to be done (1 Nephi 3:7). He's always there to help us and with His help we can accomplish anything, even the things that may seem impossible. All we have to do is turn to Him and ask and He will give.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Jarvis

Sister Misuraca and I on one of our last days together

Our "Window to Italy"

Our "Window to Utah"

Sister Greenwood and I in front of our "Window to Fiji"

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