Monday, November 16, 2015

Strange and Wonderful

This week, I'd like to take some time to acknowledge how strange and funny both Russia and Russian scan be, so here are a few stories:

1) Apparently, I've been saying the word "to write" wrong in Russian. There are a lot of words that are spelled exactly the same but have a really heavy emphasis on a different vowel; "to write" is one of those words. I've been saying "PEE-sat" instead of "pee-SAT," which, I found out through my companion this past week, means "to pee." Apparently I've been saying some very strange things about prophets and the Bible for quite some time now. Maybe we'll be able to find more investigators now that I will be saying "to write" correctly.

2) We went to a member's house this last week. They are a married couple, and they've been members since 2000 or 1990 something. A while, but we went to visit them to give them a spiritual thought and help them strengthen their faith. The spiritual thought went pretty well; it was about missionary work and doing family history work, and they both shared their testimonies of the temple. It was beautiful. To end, Sister Zemtsova (the wife), asked if we could sing "How Great Thou Art" (Kak Tee Veleek in Russian). While we were singing, their cat came up and started messing with Sister Misuraca's, my companion's, stuff. Sister Misuraca tried to shove the cat off, but it started scratching her, and both Brother and Sister Zemtsov got up and started trying to hit the cat with their hymn books all while we're trying to sing this really slow, beautiful hymn. I couldn't keep it together, and I just burst out laughing and couldn't finish the song.

We had a pretty exciting week this week. Our mission wasn't allowed to go to museums for a long time, but today it was announced that on our P-Days, we are allowed to go to museums! YAY! And even MORE exciting, we have a new investigator! Her name is Natalya, and she has the cutest little daughter. She calls me aunt in Russian, and I became her favorite very quickly, mostly because she likes my glasses. (But it's probably also because, let's face it, I'm everyone's favorite).

I love it here in Russia. The strangest, most wonderful things happen all the time, and I can't wait for the day that there is a temple here in Russia. I think that day is soon, and I pray for it all the time. I'm so grateful that families can be together forever, and that I have that gift in my life. I'm so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and for His Atonement and love for each of us. 

I love you all!

Sister Jarvis

A billboard we found in Red Army that says "Dearest, that you for our son". I think it explains exactly what I mean about strange and wonderful.

The Russian Countryside

I don't know were this boat came from, but it was also in the Russian Countryside.

This Jane Austen-like park around our house. It's kind of blurry sorry.

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