Monday, October 10, 2016

Привет Всем!

Привет Всем!
When I was in the MTC, someone told me that I would recognize a peculiar pattern as I served. They said that the days that were the hardest, when I was sick as a dog, disappointed beyond belief, and close to the point of just giving all of this up, were the turning points to the best days. Well, I can testify to you right here and now, that that is true. 

Last week was by far one of the worst ones I've had, but this last week was one of the very best.
I went to Rostov to pick up my lovely new companion, Sister Lisitsina (Лисицына for you Russian speakers).

Isn't she cute?
And we headed on down to K-dar. Since then, we've had a whirlwind of work to do. It's been incredible.

The funniest thing that happened occurred while we taught our beloved Sasha, our 8 year-old friend who broke her back and won't be able to be baptized until she's all healed up in May. Sister Lisitsina had let Nastya, Sasha's 2 year-old baby sister, play with her scriptures. Well, that may not have been the best idea because little did we know but Nastya is being potty trained and she peed all over Sister Lisitsina's scriptures. Luckily, Sister Lisitsina is the oldest of 7 and she just laughed and let them dry out. She also told me that her little sister peed on their T.V. once, so the experience was just like home to her.
The coolest thing that happened was us finding two new investigators! Nastya and her friend, Alyona. Nastya came to sports' night and then to church a couple weeks ago. She asked me if we could tell her more about what we believe and I was like "АГА!" (aga, means YEAH!) So, we had our first lesson Sunday night, and she brought her roommate with her. Nastya is 17 and Alyona is 18. They were both asking some amazing questions and really understanding what we taught. It was probably one of the best first lessons I've had. The Spirit was so strong. They are special people. It's so fun to be able to help people know about God. It makes me so happy.
Conference was also just amazing. I don't think I've ever enjoyed conference more quite honestly. The main thing I gleaned from it all was that 1) in life we are meant to have joy and 2) we find that true joy through Jesus Christ. I loved it. What a glorious thing it is that we have prophets and apostles and people authorized by the power and authority of God to speak for Him on the earth today. It's such a beautiful blessing. My heart is full of gratitude and just JOY when I think about it.
The gospel's true!

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Jarvis

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