Monday, May 16, 2016

С Днем Рождения Мне

Well friends,

I'm 20 now. A whole 'nother decade. Pretty crazy if you ask me. 

My actual birthday was probably one of the happiest days of my life, as I was touched by the love that I recieved from members, investigators, and missionaries alike whom I have been serving with and for the past 10 months. It was just a really good day full of people I love. Unfortunately, not any of you at home, but it was still full of some of the very best people I have ever met. And a lot of sweets. A LOT of sweets.

This week was chalk full of street teaching and preperation for something pretty exciting! 

Are you ready?

They're reopening the branch that used to be in the Traktorni area of Volgograd.

Now, I'm sure you are all kind of like, "What the heck is a traktorni?". Well, it's the furthest north district of Volgograd named after the traktor factory that used to be in operation during the Soviet Era. But, it is also a former branch that used to have the largest population of youth in Southern Russia. Now, it is officially a group that is restarting the branch that used to be there.

This is exciting news. This means growth. This means a lot of street teaching. This means a lot of less active finding. But, it also means that TONS more people will be able to finally find the peace that they have been searching for. It's pretty awesome.

Sister Lindquist and I will be with a companionship of elders helping the group start up out there, so we will essentially be in two areas at once. It's gonna be great.

Other cool things that happened this week:
* I learned how to make blini
* I learned how to make Pelmeni
* I learned how to make cookies without a recipe book
* Sister Lindquist spoke to me before 10 am (she's not really a morning person or a people person, so that was one of her gifts to me on my birthday.)

Well, I sure hope you all have a WONDERFUL week! And that you enjoy the Spring weather wherever it is that you happen to be! 


Sister Jarvis

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