Monday, February 15, 2016

(Insert Clever Title Here)

This week was great, kak obichno (like usual).

We had an activity last Saturday with all of the branches in our district, so members from Volshkii and Red Army came to center. I had a blast seeing all of the members I missed from Red Army. The very best part of the whole thing was that I was able to see one of the less active members Sister Misuraca and I had worked with, Sasha. He's preparing to go to the temple this year, and he has a calling in his branch now. He's a branch missionary, so he's kind of like a missionary with a normal life. He's excited about it. I'm excited for him. It was just so great to see that he was making his life better than it had been and that he's letting himself be happy now.

We had kind of a crazy Sunday. This cute babushka we met on the street wanted to come to church with us. We told her we'd pick her up Sunday morning to show her how to get to the branch. Her little apartment was PACKED with random collections of little glass dogs, little glass girls, and little glass everying. Luckily, my clumsiness did not kick in until after we were out of her apartment, and I didn't break anything. She was a way cute babushka, though, and we'll hopefully be able to see her again soon. She's a busy lady, though. She works at one of the theatres in town and is frequently at the symphony.

Sister Greenwood and I are doing pretty awesome! We were each other's Valentines, so no worries in case you forget to send me a valentine.

I think I can honestly say that everyday I feel happier than the day before. It's amazing how living in the service of others has made me happier than even singing could have. I love these people so much, and the longer I live here, the more I know that every person on the Earth has a loving Heavenly Father who knows them, cares about them, and is always trying to reach out to them. 

 Я вас люблю!

Sister Jarvis

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