Monday, August 24, 2015

Tales of Russian Existence


A Funny story to start off!

One of our zone leaders (the two elders that, along with the sister training leader, run our zone) was really sick this week, and they asked us to bring them Powerade and Coca-Cola, but we couldn't find any Powerade, so we gave them some like hydration powder stuff and lemonade packets.

Later they texted us again to tell us where we could find Powerade and to bring it because poor Elder Berger was in serious need. They expected us to come in the morning because it was about 10PM when they asked and we planned to do that, but we texted them that we'd be there in 20 minutes. Literally 2 minutes later we get this text from them that says "Ni! X come!" and another "X stop!" And then they called us desperate that we not come so late at night. We were going to try to pretend that we were already on the street and speak in Russian, but I was laughing too hard. Poor Elders. We got them way good.

This week one of the people we're teaching, Olya, decided to be baptized! She is an amazing person. She's 29 and she loves traveling, so she does a lot of it (including a month trip to Sri Lanka earlier this year). I'm so grateful that I got to meet her. Her kindness is beyond description because it's in everything she does, and I can just see how her relationship with God has enhanced that in her in just the few weeks that I've known her.

I love teaching people the Gospel because I can see how it changes people's lives. The more people listen and apply the principles we teach, the happier they are. And I know that that happiness comes from knowing who they are as children of God and how they can achieve greater joy in their life than they ever thought they could. 

I think that many times people misunderstand our purpose as missionaries. We invite people to learn of Christ, we teach His Gospel and His words to those who want to hear them, and we help people learn how to make and how to keep covenants or promises with God. Missionaries can't convert people. It's not within our power, nor should it be, because the decision to be converted or to want to follow God's commandmants is personal, individual, and entirely dependent upon ourselves. It's a decision I make everyday.

I love my Savior and I love that I get to do His work everyday. It's not easy, but it's brought me more joy than anything else I've ever done in my life. I know He lives. I know He loves each and every one of you. He wants us to return to Him, and He is reaching out to each of us through a variety of ways (other people, the books we read, etc.), and we just need to look for Him to see it.

Я люблю вас!

Сестра Джарвис

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