Monday, November 7, 2016

Angels in Russia


We had an awesome week! 

Our investigator Nastya decided that she really does want to get baptized on November 12th, so we've been working overtime to get all the lessons in. It's pretty easy to teach her since she's already had all the lessons about 3 times and she's been attending institute for 2 years consistently. We're kind of just like, "Alright, Nastya, please describe the Plan of Salvation in detail!" And she goes off about not just the basics, but also the millenium and what have you. It's pretty great. 

We also headed over to Gelendjik again.
It was fun and beautiful as usual. :) Our member out there is doing great. Her cute little baby just keeps getting cuter. :)
We had the opportunity this week to go sing at a care center.
We dressed up all matchy, right down to the red lipstick. It was really fun.

But the best part was watching those sweet babushki (grandmas) and dedushki (grandpas) listen to us sing and sometimes even sing along. Elder and Sister Lund came with us. It was so sweet to watch them go to every person and lovingly hug them and say in their broken Russian "I love you". It seemed to me as we sang to those people that Elder and Sister Lund had become angels because to those sweet, lonely people stuck in bodies that don't work like they used to that is precisely what they had become. It truly was a miracle to just be there.
I've reflected a lot this week about why it is we are sent to Earth together, why in the world God would organize a church in which people get offended or why do I have to do things WITH other people when I could just as easily do it by myself. 

​Well, the conclusion I came to was this. We can't do things by ourselves, number one, and number two, if we are really trying to become the best people we can be, that is become like Jesus Christ, then we have to learn to love everyone around us. We truly have to put our heart into helping others and loving others and valuing them the way that God values them. Even with all their faults. Even with all their weaknesses. We have to look at other people and see all the good that they can do and all the great that they can be. That's why we have families and we have to work with other people. As annoying as it sometimes may seem, in the end, it brings us the best and most satisfying happiness to love another person.

As the last song in the musical Les Miserables states "To love another person is to see the face of God."
Have a wonderful week!


Sister Jarvis

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