Monday, April 18, 2016

Life in Pictures

This week, I don't have a ton of time to email, but I thought I would catch you all up with some pictures!

On a visa trip with the lovely Sister Jameson. We decided to model for a lemonade ad.

I met up with my first companion from the MTC, Sister Sommers! We haven't seen each other in like 8 months! That's the benefit of those pesky visa trips. You get to see all the people you haven't seen because they live like 20 hours away by bus.

The huge pumpkin this family with 8 kids gave to us. These are his new born baby pictures and those are my companions (Sister Montierth on the left and Sister Nelson on the right) 

​We played an april fools joke on our English class that was to die for. We just spoke nonsense in English and they all believed they just weren't understanding us. It was hilarious. They tried to draw out what we were saying, but it didn't make any sense.

Sister Nelson's birthday was the same day as Dad's birthday. We dressed up like Miranda Sings because Sister Nelson loves Miranda. 

Also, transfers are happening this week and I have some news!
I'll be training again! Her name is Sister Lindquist from AZ! She also did theater, so it should be an awesome transfer coming up here.

And I'm lucky enough to continue my stay in Volgograd. Honestly, if I stayed here my whole mission, I would be one blessed missionary. It's a beautiful city with so many wonderful people (Shoutout to Freesia, a member here). I love it here.
Well, with that, I'm signing out! Sorry it was a short one this week!
Sister Jarvis

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